"Paula Eder is a very perceptive, dynamic, and creative coach.

These qualities are reflected in her ability to quickly assess the essence of any challenge I present to her;
her talent in communicating to me the context and interpersonal dynamics involved in a given situation; and her talent in guiding me to resolve the challenge in a responsible and ethical manner.

Paula’s approach fosters a strengthening of my capacity to be effective; thus, allowing me to be better equipped to address additional challenges as they emerge.

Paula’s commitment to personal and professional growth encourages my desire to develop my potential in new areas. For example, for the first time in my life I am developing a healthy relationship with time.

My traditional relationship with time has been to see time as an oppressive force. Paula has taught me not to fight with time. She coaches me to see time as a resource that needs to respected and not depleted.

I am becoming more mindful of the relationship between taking care of myself and respecting time. I sense a growing voice in me telling me that I have done enough. When I hear this voice encouraging me to be more balanced, I am grateful to Paula for what she has taught me.

Beyond individual coaching, Paula creates a strong telephonic learning community through her artful and caring facilitation. She guides learning by promoting dialogue within firm and respectful boundaries.

I am always amazed by how much I and other participants learn in a given session. The learning Paula promotes is authentic, meaningful, and respectful to our time needs.

I love that we make connections with each other in an intimate setting without leaving our respective homes or offices."

Ellen H.
Falmouth, MA


ATTENTION all Coaches, Consultants, Authors,
Trainers, Solopreneurs, and Small Business Owners!


Want to find time for what
matters most to you?

Worried that setting boundaries
will alienate people?

Feeling stuck and frustrated?




I'm Paula Eder, Ph.D., The Time Finder Expert, and I'm here to tell you that, with The Finding Time Relationship Boundary Template you can enhance your relationships and find the time to:

          • Fulfill your responsibilities,
          • Take care of yourself, and
          • Realize your dreams

Why am I so confident that you'll be able to live in a harmonious flow rather than a chronic state of depletion?

It's simple; I speak from my own experience with over-extending.

What was it doing to me?

    • It was eating me alive!
    • It ruthlessly cheated me out of so many simple daily pleasures.
    • It was taking its toll on my health and my relationships.
    • It drained my batteries, leaving me frustrated and exhausted.

I knew I needed to change to survive, and then thrive!

Imagine ...

You CAN ask for the time and space you need, and get it, too!

You CAN use boundaries as a springboard for effective negotiating.

You CAN assertively create a stronger self and stronger relationships!

You CAN find time to realize your dreams & remain effective in your daily life.


Here's How ...

We are excited to offer you ...

The Finding Time Relationship Template:
26 Simple, Sequential Steps to Create Successful Boundaries with Your Partner, Your Co-workers, Your Kids ... You Name It!


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Paula Eder, Ph.D., The Time Finder Expert.


You can nurture strong, deepening relationships, care for yourself, and find time!
All the tools you need can be found in Paula's
Finding Time Relationship Boundary Template.

Don't pass this opportunity up!

The Finding Time Relationship Boundary Template is guaranteed
to help you put healthy boundaries into practice right away
through easy exercises and practical suggestions.


You'll learn to:

  • Put yourself in charge of your choices;
  • Recognize when you're giving in, and learn to say no;
  • See how good boundaries lead to enhanced connections; and
  • Start finding the time for what matters most!

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To your Time Success!

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